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There’s nothing artificial about our intelligence

We’ve put over 25 years of our medical experience into the making of Osler Online. It’s why no other examination and teaching platform is as intuitive and simple to use.

Multiple perspectives, one experience

Client perspective

Functionality you have access to includes: 

  • Oversight of entire exam
  • Live schedule page 
  • Live user page
  • Observe any station 
  • Customisable marksheets
  • Export exam results
  • Record and save exams
  • Incident reporting 
  • Direct messaging
  • Candidate verification rooms 
  • Briefing rooms
  • Webinars
  • IT support

Candidate perspective

Functionality you have access to includes: 

  • Fully automated platform 
  • Large video feeds to prioritise communication 
  • 1-minute warnings
  • Online note taking 
  • Candidate ID check rooms
  • Briefings
  • Access to chaperones
  • Access to additional assessment material 
  • Access to briefs at any time 
  • IT support

Examiner perspective

Functionality you have access to includes: 

  • Fully automated platform
  • Intergrated marksheets
  • Briefing rooms 
  • Calibration rooms
  • Webinars
  • Large video feeds to prioritise communication 
  • Screen sharing 
  • Built in breaks 
  • Direct messaging 
  • IT support
Client Reviews

''The Professional Role players team are an excellent team to work with. They are knowledgeable, professional in all their actions and extremely helpful to the BSCCP in undertaking these exams successfully. The upgrades to the platform have been very helpful in running the exam smoothly. Their actors are extremely good and knowledgeable on their subject. It has been a pleasure again to work with the Professional Role Players team to deliver the national Colposcopy exams.''


Deirdre Lyons, Coordinator, BSCCP

''This software enabled our trainees to confidently sit their examinations. From a co-ordinator point of view, this software is a dream to work with.''

Sally Trollip, Medical Education Co-ordinator, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
''The Osler solution has been truly transformative to the delivery of our clinical exams. The digital solution has enabled us to examine candidates from multiple countries and different time zones, all run centrally from the UK. The system is simple to use and highly effective. It mirrors perfectly the face to face exam setting and ensures the quality standards and robustness of the exam are not compromised. It has been a great pleasure to work with the team at PRP. They have been extremely attentive, supportive and very customer focussed. As we have embarked on the move to digital delivery, PRP have been with us every step of the way and have demonstrated a continued willingness to go above and beyond.''
Gary Waltham Executive Director, Education, Quality and Projects, RCOG
''Osler system, by PRP, is a virtual platform that comes as close to in-person experience as possible. From the same login, you get briefing rooms for assessors and candidates, waiting rooms, customisable marksheets and timing controls within a smooth video connection. Resources for candidates are intuitive and clearly presented. The excellent set up also means observers can be present or hidden with the simplest interface to join rooms. And if an excellent system wasn't enough, the on-hand technical support and customer service is exemplary in those rare occasions where it's needed.''
Steve Beglan-Witt, Associate Director for Assessments, RCPCH
''There are a variety of streaming platforms to use, but few have the functionality and intuitiveness that Osler provided us. I would have struggled to provide something of the quality of Osler Online with regular streaming/meeting software.''
Dr Jonathan Packer, Honorary Tutor, MRCPsych Program, Birmingham
''I wish Osler was the online platform I was using for my actual exam.''
Trainee, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
''Osler has been a fantastic alternative to face-to-face interviews. Fit for purpose, straightforward and professional, the system has elevated our delivery, particularly in the virtual world we are now working in. The team at Osler have been wonderful, very accommodating, responsive and the platform itself was brilliant.''
Training Officer, Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

''BSCCP working with OSLER (PRP), have been able to undertake national exams, that allows for accredited Colposcopists to join the workforce. The OSLER team are responsive and a pleasure to work with.''

Elaine Radford,OSCE and Training Coordinator, BSCCP

''Osler online was a fantastic platform for our Trust’s mock CASC. As an examiner, it is very user friendly and incredibly straightforward to use. The support given by Osler before and during the exam was brilliant; all questions were answered in a timely fashion by friendly, understanding staff. Highly recommend!''

Dr Amy Barrett, Coordinator, South West London and St George's Mental Health NHS Trust
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