Professional Role Players are the largest suppliers of role players for medical examinations across the United Kingdom.

We provide role players for both undergraduate and postgraduate assessments. Our role players have a number of core competencies which enhance any medical exam.

When booking role players for examinations you will receive:

  • Role players who have extensive training through our quality-assuredĀ PRP+ Programme
  • Standardised role players with expertise in medical assessments who remain consistent in the role they portray
  • A wide pool of role players varying in ages, genders and ethnicities
  • Role players who are able to portray; patients, family members, healthcare professionals (assimulating appropriate professional attitudes as well as learnt professional jargon) and translators for bilingual scenarios (we have a high number of role players who speak English and at least one other language fluently and have an understanding of relevant cultural issues)
  • Role players who will accurately recall learnt facts and not 'feed' the doctor all informationĀ 
  • Role players who can portray both simple and complex examination stations
  • Role players who interpret and accurately portray a variety of signs to enable accurate diagnosis, based on a physical examination
  • Role players who will moderate a role to achieve consistency with other role players playing the same role
  • Role players who make objective assessments of a candidate's performance (if required)
  • All administration for booking role players taken care of by PRP

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Case Studies


Your role players created well balanced, realistic and responsive characters from their briefs, helping make the exam credible and challenging for the students.

Ian Noonan, Head of Undergraduate Mental Health Nursing, King's College London

The service we have received from PRP has always been of the highest standard and we shall be happy to continue to use your services in the future.

Dr Sylvia Awbery, Chief Examiner, Faculty of Occupational Medicine

Having used PRP for a number of years, I have always found them professional, punctual, and that they have conducted themselves with maturity.

Robert Cole, Florence Nightingale School of Nursing & Midwifery, KCL

The service is always impeccable and the quality of the role players they use is excellent.

Amanda Barber, Senior Business Manager, Health Education England

On behalf of all the OSCE team, I would like to say thank you for the standard and professionalism of the role players- they were easy to work with and did a great job.

James Holland, Clinical Assessment Software Developer and Data Analyst, KCL

The role players you provided for my mock exam were completely believable, and listening to them play their parts made me laugh, cry and get quite scared of them. They really are excellent.

Susan Halliwell-Bass, Division Manager, Royal College of Psychiatrists

Your role players are brilliant!

John D. Carrion, Examinations Project Development Manager, Royal College of Psychiatrists

The actors PRP supply are professional and well prepared in their roles. They can also give us useful feedback of how it feels to be having an assessment.

Margaret Hodgetts, Trainer, Atos

PRP have reliably provided us with well-briefed and capable simulated patients for teaching and assessment of undergraduate medical students. The PRP office team are quick to respond to queries, take time to listen to requirements and are proactive in seeking clarification of any areas of uncertainty.

Sarah Bradley, Senior Clinical Skills Tutor, University of Exeter Medical School

I have always been impressed with the professionalism and skill of the role players provided by PRP in both formative and summarise assessments as well as in simulation based learning scenarios. The role players have always arrived in good time to review the scenarios. The role players are always very keen to reflect with trainers/educators so to ensure the characters are portrayed in a way that achieves training objectives/goals. The role players willingly participate in post-scenario debriefing sessions providing useful/empathic insights into subtle communication skills.

Dr Geoff Lawrence-Smith, Joint Director of Medical Education, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

The MFSRH team and I would like to say a great big thank you to all of your actors for the professional roles they played on the exam day. All of the actors worked so hard and have been given great feedback by the examiners.Thank you to PRP and your team for helping make the exam day go so well.

Lorraine Back, Education Officer, The Faculty of Sexual Reproductive Healthcare