Forum Theatre

Professional Role Players use forum theatre as a learning tool to teach people how to implement change in the workplace. During the process, the actors or audience members can stop the performance when they feel a character is being oppressed. The audience will then suggest different actions for the actors to carry out live on-stage, in order to change the final outcome. 

Forum theatre is exciting and interactive for all participants, as well as being a great form of entertainment. It highlights sensitive dilemmas in a safe environment and provides positive solutions. It aims to stimulate debate and most importantly develop learning and alter behaviour. When forum theatre is used correctly it is an extremely versatile technique and proves very effective.

Advantages of using Forum Theatre

  • Participants achieve a better understanding of dealing with sensitive subjects
  • Solid and engraining platforms are created for discussion
  • Performances can be steered in any direction allowing endless possibilities to be explored
  • “Time Outs” are used to review attitudes and behaviours
  • Entertaining and educational

PRP work with our clients to identify specific issues which are incorporated into the scenarios. We provide all our clients with great flexibility by offering highly skilled actors that are able to either, prepare the pre-written scenario/script in advance, or create it ‘live’ on the day with the audience.

By using PRP’s actors you avoid the common concern from participants of, “he’s my workmate. I can’t be hard on him.” Our actors and trained facilitators side-step the already established relationships and hierarchies that are found within the workplace. All of our actors have excellent performance skills and are able to deliver quality feedback. These assets ensure that every Forum Theatre performance is a powerful and exciting learning tool.

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