Actor Testimonials

I've had the pleasure of working with PRP for the last seven years and I only have great things to say about them!

We as actors, are always treated with the greatest of respect from the minute we book a job, to the day we receive our wages (which is always on time - rare in my profession!)

They are friendly, professional, caring and rigorous when sending job details, ensuring we are always 100% prepared for every role. It really is like a big family, from everyone in the office, to the many talented actors working alongside them. I feel lucky to be a part of this amazing team; helping to shape the future of our health professionals, whilst also developing invaluable new skills as an actor. What a privilege!

Frankie Williams

Working with PRP over the last fourteen years has been an important part in my own professional development as well as providing an invaluable service to the medical and business development sectors. I believe we provide excellent real life simulations for professionals who deal with the public on a daily basis. This is hugely important for the work that I have always been immensely proud to be a part of. PRP are incredibly well staffed with the highest quality artists.

Richard Corgan

Professional Role Players are a wonderful company. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work for them and to be part of a fantastic team.

Parisa Nikkhah-Eshghi

I have been working as a role player for PRP for many years and I can’t imagine a better company to work for. Their professional and friendly approach makes actors feel part of a family and a well run team. Nothing is too much trouble and they are quick and efficient at sorting out queries or problems, should they arise.

Nicola Wright

I have worked for PRP for a number of years and I must say it is like a tight-knit family. From job-to-job you are always amongst familiar faces – some of which have been a part of the company for many years. It is very flexible work that I can easily fit around other acting jobs. I always recommend to other actors who are looking for work in-between contracts!

Jordan Pitt

I absolutely LOVE working for PRP! It’s a real privilege to be working on fantastic projects supporting the medical profession with a team of extraordinary actors – I feel very lucky. The work is incredibly interesting and we are always provided with excellent, detailed briefs in advance of the jobs along with helpful travel details. Everyone working at PRP is delightful, helpful and professional, it’s a pleasure to phone the office! The actors I’ve worked with over the years are wonderful role players - it’s a very particular skill, needing truth, consistency and “no acting”. They are also, without exception, lovely, warm, hardworking, professional and helpful people; it truly feels like being part of a lovely family. I would highly recommend any company to not hesitate in using PRP for their projects and any actor to feel really fortunate to be working for this great company.

Toni Green

I believe that PRP are genuinely the leaders in professional role play, which is demonstrated from the outset in their friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable approach from the very beginning. This includes providing a concise and essential PRP+ Induction Training Course for all new recruits, to ensure that high quality is standard throughout and shows their commitment to quality. I'm really happy to be one of their actors and I enjoy all the work that I have done with them, as I can see how we are adding enormous value to their clients.

Elin Doyle

Working with PRP is truly a privilege. The standard of work they always aim to deliver is continually high and I think this is recognised by PRP’s clients through the company’s growth over the years. More importantly, PRP have a team of people who are so warm and easy to talk to. Great company. Thank you guys for getting me involved in the many assignments over the past few years—especially Phill, top man.

Pushpinder Chani

I started working for PRP almost from its inception and I found them very welcoming and happy to train actors/roleplayers in all aspects of the job, including things with which I wasn’t very familiar, like Forum Theatre and giving Feedback in a constructive and professional way. 23 years on, I still find the job fascinating. People ask if the job can be monotonous, as sometimes we play the same role 20 times a day for different candidates/clients. My answer is a resounding, “No!” Very early on, you realise the difference between acting and role playing, which PRP are very keen to point out to all potential recruits. If we ‘acted’ in whatever scenario we were involved with, the client would feel pressure to do the same and would therefore not, ‘be themselves’ in the situation we had created and not learn from the experience. On a personal note, I’m pretty sure that working for PRP has improved and honed some of my own acting skills, especially improvisation, because you never know what the client is going to say and you have react in a real and believable way.

Paul Jackson

PRP... What can I say? I absolutely love it! It's like being part of a big family! It is such a great company to work for, they are so well organised, caring and professional. Knowing that what I do helps train lifesaving doctors is an honour. PRP plays such an important role in doctors and psychiatrists' development. Long may it continue with its viral work.

Donna Preston

I enjoy working for PRP because they have high standards for client satisfaction and this means if I’m employed by them, I know that they consider my working practices to be of a high and professional standard. Also their professionalism comes across when I interact with them over the phone; they are always reasonable and forward thinking, polite, pleasant and even early in the morning, good humoured. When I agree to a job with them, I know everything has been intelligently worked out in advance and all I have to do is turn up on time, be professional and act to the best of my ability.

Adam Rivers

From my first contact with PRP what I was struck by was their attention to detail. The initial phone contact covered a very professional, in depth but warm assessment of my skills and experience. This was carried through to the PRP+ Induction training where it was evident the company builds extremely thoughtful relationships with actors and clients through noticing and attending to detail. The navigation and clarity they provide in organising and structuring their training provides smooth passage through a very complex process. Having met some of the actors and clients, it is evident PRP provides a professional life line together with a down to earth appreciation of all who work with them.

Nicholas Ashley

Professional Role Players, the key is the title. They recruit and encourage only the best. The unpunctual and unprofessional need not apply. ‘PRP’ as they are known to us roleplayers, are a dedicated, supportive and inspirational company. I thoroughly recommend them!

Drew Rhys Williams

I have worked for PRP for a number of years now and have every intention of doing so for the foreseeable future. PRP is a great company to work for. Well organised, efficient, friendly. Professional by name, professional by nature.

Eliza Kempson

PRP are an absolutely fantastic company to work with; I've had the pleasure of being a part of the PRP family for a few years now and I've loved every moment. The in-house team are friendly, easy to communicate with, highly professional and very well organised; nothing ever slips through the cracks. They manage to make work feel like a breeze and I always thoroughly look forward to a booking with them. I couldn't recommend them higher as a company whether you are an actor or a prospective client.

Barney Cooper