PRP+ Programme

What is the PRP+ Programme? 

Benefiting from Phill Doulton's 30 year career in medical education, the PRP+ development programme underpins our commitment to delivering high quality role play performances. 

Each tailored course has been designed to strengthen our actors' understanding, ability and professionalism. 

The feedback we received from our PRP+ programmes in 2019:

  • 100% strongly agreed that the trainer's knowledge was outstanding
  • 100% said that they would apply their knowledge to their work
  • 100% agreed that class participation and interaction was encouraged
  • 100% concurred that the overall training was excellent

Some of the feedback that we've received from our courses include: 

'Most detailed course I've done, normally I'm just thrown in [to the job]!'

'I really enjoyed meeting some of the other role players and feel like I have bonded with the employees of PRP."

'It was extremely helpful to have so much of the process explored and discussed. I am clear about what is required and how I can fit into the organisation. I am also confident in the quality of the service provided by PRP.'

'More please!' 

Here are a few of the PRP+ courses that we run for our role players across the UK:

  • PRP+ Induction
  • PRP+ Feedback
  • PRP+ Standardisation
  • PRP+ Facilitation
  • PRP+ Equality and Diversity 
  • PRP+ Moulage
  • PRP+ METIman/ Hybrid Simulations
  • PRP+ Refresher