Medical Workshops and Courses

Over the years, PRP have provided organisations with our highly skilled medical role players for their in-house learning programmes. Using role play has an immediate effect and application, allowing newly acquired skills to instantly be used outside of the classroom.

Our professionally trained actors work alongside specialist trainers, bringing training to life. Our role play team have unparalleled experience when it comes to medical role play, creating a safe environment for learners to reach their full potential. They are flexible and experienced to work with pre-written scenarios or improvising cases tailored to the candidates’ individual needs on the day of training.

All of our role players are trained to deliver feedback, which enhances any course. As a company, we ensure that all of our actors understand the difference between ‘acting’ and ‘role play.’ Subsequently, roles are portrayed with honesty and realism, making training dynamic and extremely memorable.

PRP also offer a one-stop service, providing companies with role players for in-house learning and development programmes. We pride ourselves on having a specialised medical role play team with varying ages, genders and ethnicities. With their extensive role play skills and diligent work ethics, our role players are sure to enhance any training programme that they are involved in.   

Listed below are a few Learning and Development Programmes that PRP are involved with:

  • After Action Reviews
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Breaking Bad News
  • Challenging Conversations
  • Clinical Governance Programmes
  • Consultant Interviews
  • Complaints Handling
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Equality & Diversity
  • GP Examinations Training
  • Inter Professional Training
  • Interview Training
  • Mock CASC Teaching
  • OSCE Training
  • PACES Teaching
  • Pharmacy Training
  • Presentation Skills
  • Suicide Ideation
  • Sexual Health Issues

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Case Studies


The scenarios we have requested the actors to engage with have been varied and sometimes the role players have been required to absorb information very quickly and on the spot. There have even been times when the audience have forgotten the interviewee is a role player rather than a real patient.

Saija Lukkaroinen, Postgraduate Centre Administrator, SLAM

On the courses that we have been running in Stoke, the actors have all been really good, here on time, believable in their roles and very adaptable to the situation.

Angela Rhodes, Business Support Manager, Atos Healthcare

I have been consistently impressed with your role players, who can convincingly act out a range of different roles, characters and emotions.

Matthew Todres, International Tutor, Kings College London

UCLH has benefited enormously from the unique set of skills that PRP have contributed to our culture transformation programmes. It is terrific working with you and your team.

Professor Aidan Halligan, Director of Education, UCLH

The course was very successful with the highest praise for the role play sessions in terms of content and quality. They scored maximum ratings for both.

Anne Joshua, Pharmacy Consultant

I wanted to provide good feedback for the actor who attended UCLH for a role play. I have received great feedback for the role player's acting and participation. The managers have complimented highly of the acting and will recommend that they attend again in future for similar role plays.

Ruzina Begum, HR Advisor, UCLH

My experience of the Actors has been extremely positive. They have responded and asked questions of the trainers and given constructive feedback to the Trainees. On the last day when things are a little more fluid, they have shown flexibility and offered excellent support and live, at the time feedback which the Trainees found to be very useful.

Michelle McCann, Home Bases Health Practitioner, Atos Healthcare

Just wanted to thank you for the four actors that you sent today. The trainees at the course found the actors' feedback really useful and constructive and, as always, I was very pleased with the performance of all four of the actors!

Dr Declan Hyland, Deputy Clinical Director (Year 4) and Specialty Lead, University of Liverpool

The role players played a huge part in our AAC panel, please pass on our gratitude, they were brilliant! Your service was exceptional and I look forward to working with PRP soon.

Sham Islam, Senior Consultant Recruitment Advisor, UCLH