Our Actors

As a company, PRP are continually complimented on the high standard of our role players. 

Please take a look at what our actors have to say about working for PRP on our Actor’s Testimonial page

How to Apply?

In order to maintain our high standards, PRP has adopted a vigorous five-staged recruitment process for new actors, as shown above. Please ensure that you include your previous medical and/or corporate role play experience in your cover letter.

We accept applications from new actors throughout the year, if you think you have the relevant experience to develop our team, please complete the application form and we will be in touch next time we are recruiting in your area.

PRP are a very professional company with friendly staff. They excel in creating an interesting and dynamic work environment.

Kris Deedigan, Actor

I always feel valued working with PRP. The work is diverse, challenging and always rewarding.

Steven Haythorne, Actor

Working for PRP, we are one family team. Well organized, nothing is any trouble for team leaders. Help always on hand. Looked after very well. Happy to be part of PRP team.

Cynthia Rover, Actor

I get to go to some really interesting jobs! They always pay when they say they are going to pay, and for this I am thankful, as other companies in the past have kept me waiting for up to 3 months! Thank you PRP.

Joanne Venet, Actor

When working with PRP the clue is in the name: Everyone is professional, taking the role that they play within the team seriously and with pride but still having a lot of fun at the same time. I've worked with them for many years and it is a pleasure every time since the people they employ are a truly unique.

Kezi Methuen-Jones, Actor

I am a relatively new member of the PRP community but my time thus far has been great. The induction was really informative and productive, the team behind PRP are always so polite and understanding and the work is enjoyable and enlightening. It’s fantastic to be given an opportunity to use your skills as an actor beyond that of a theatre or television screen!

Johndeep More, Actor