PRP+ returns to London

This summer, PRP held a training day for new recruits in London. It was an early start and the venue was sited at the end of a lengthy walk through the countryside; an almost mythical sight in North London! Phill, Christina, Margarita and a group of carefully-selected actors, met in the training room and were greeted with teas and coffees made by a very loud hot water dispenser.

In the first session, they were made up of actors who were relatively new to role play. PRP staff introduced themselves and the actors did likewise. They briefly spoke about their backgrounds and experiences in acting. Phill started the session by delivering his lecture on role play. After a quick break, the infamous dispenser was in full use again. After, we had a talk about how to standardise scenarios, and then the role players practised doing so with an example scenario they had been given prior to the training day. It was great to see everyone so quickly turning into patients and doctors! They practised how to give good feedback which they would be giving to exam candidates in a real role play situation. This proved to be an extremely fun learning tool as the role players were challenged in both their acting skills and their diplomacy.

Following this, one of our role players who has been working with us for over ten years, gave a demonstration role play as a simulated patient, with Phill role playing the doctor. The day was summed up with a plenary and an opportunity for the newcomers to ask questions and discuss what it will be like to work with PRP.

In the afternoon, we conducted a second training session, but with a group of actors who have extensive experience in role play. The same structure was followed, but each discussion focused in more depth on the different styles of questioning, and the various ways of giving feedback. We also had another of our long-standing role players give a demonstration of a scenario for the newcomers to observe.

100% of delegates agreed that the training met their expectations and that they will be able to apply the knowledge they learned. 100% concurred that the quality of instruction was good, and that the overall training was good. We also received very positive comments such as:

“[I’m] really excited by the prospect of working with PRP.”

“The trainer was incredibly knowledgeable.”

“A great afternoon. I was really knackered after a hellish week- but feel energised at the end. Love the way you work... Creative and efficient!”

“Good fun and a welcoming, constructive atmosphere.”

“Some aspects were really challenging. Thank you for setting that up. [I] felt very supported in the exercises. Standardisation process very helpful. Thank you!”

PRP would like to thank all the actors for participating in this course and we look forward to having them as part of our team.

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