After Action Review (AAR)


University College London Hospital approached Professional Role Players to provide role players for an After Action Review (AAR). An AAR is a discussion of an event that enables the individuals involved to learn for themselves what happened, why it happened, what went well and what can be improved. AAR is a timely intervention that seeks to understand the expectations and perspectives of all those involved. It generates insight, lessons learned and lead to greater awareness, changed behaviours and agreed actions. 


PRP gathered a team of specialised medical role players to perform the various scenarios required for the AAR. These are realistic and meaningful recreations of the dynamics faced in the workplace on a regular basis. Our role players must be:

  • To be fully conversant with the characters and situations for their scenario
  • To be able to flex their responses depending on the way in which the conductor runs the AAR and how the other characters respond
  • To give constructive feedback to the conductor


PRP launched the AAR with UCLH supplying up to 12 role players per programme. This training enables delegates to improve their skills in using the tool and explore their own responses to difficult situations. Debriefing is one of the most important tools for the generation of personal insights that will lead to changed behaviour and practice and ultimately help improve performance.

Each of our role players has attended the following PRP+ Training Courses:

  • Induction
  • Role Play
  • Feedback
  • Debriefing


AAR has the potential to change organisational culture and behaviour. Our team of role players allow delegates to experience and see the immediate effects of the After Action Review tool. For example:

  • Building strong effective multi professional and cross-functional teams
  • Delivering smart solutions to problems
  • Structuring open and honest and productive conversations to ascertain learning for all rather than apportion blame

The AAR training challenges delegates in a way rarely achieved by traditional teaching, improving experiential opportunities, confidence, leadership, facilitation, mediation, resolution and learning skills.

AAR has proved to be highly adaptable and an incredibly useful approach at all levels, in the healthcare profession. AAR is a powerful tool which has contributed to both team resilience and performance creating a sustainable improvement and learning culture that we are proud to be a part of. 

The course was excellent- certainly one of the best I have been on in 20 years.

AAR Delegate

I feel I have learnt something that I am actually able to take forward. Often with such courses it doesn’t obviously have a purpose, therefore you forget what you have learnt.

AAR Delegate

Very well organised. Very good content. Improved my group skills, and I would recommend to other people.

AAR Delegate

It was a very exciting stimulating, entertaining and instructive day.

AAR Delegate