PRM Certification


Atos have created this certification for their Project and Program Managers to assess and ensure the correct person can handle customers at a senior program manager level.

Project Goals and Objectives

The main goal is to ensure that you can trust the Project Manager’s ability to execute a customer project or program at the relevant level.

The objectives of the PRM certification are to provide a documented quality indicator for the Program Manager’s competence and professionalism. 


PRP provides actors portraying different customers to each candidate attending the PRM certification. This gives the assessment a practical approach, allowing the candidate to demonstrate their knowledge about Project and Program Management methodologies and different approaches of Atos.


We are one of the largest providers for Assessment Centres. All of our actors have attended the PRP+ Standardisation and PRP+ Feedback training courses. They are able to give constructive feedback both in and out of character to the assessors.

As a company, we recognise the importance of role play consistency for the success of any assessment. Our actors are taught about the significance of standardisation in order to maintain a fair assessment system. 


With our bespoke PRP+ Standardisation course, our standardisation scheme is applied to this PRM certification, allowing Atos assessors to be able to make direct comparisons between each candidate taking part. This ensures that the right person for the job is hired.