Equality & Diversity Training


To work in collaboration with a hotel chain to design an Equality and Diversity course that would run over a 12 month period.

Project Objectives

The one day Equality and Diversity course was devised to invite hotel management staff to consider their thinking and practice in dealing with equality and diversity issues in the workplace. They wanted an interactive forum with a large emphasis on role play to challenge participants.


PRP designed a bespoke Equality and Diversity course to develop participants understanding of equality and diversity issues. This was created after a series of visits to the workplace, enabling scenarios to be written based on real life experiences


The real life scenarios were rehearsed and performed by a select team from our pool of professional actors. This use of interactive role play added a different dimension to the course, allowing participants to recognise and create strategic solutions to mainstream occurrences.

The use of forum theatre style learning is a great way to stimulate debates and learn in a safe environment.


This course successfully highlighted and tackled difficult areas of behaviour in the workplace. By the end of the course participants had:

  • A clear understanding of the Equality Act 2010
  • Created a strategic approaches to institutional discrimination
  • Looked at their language and behaviour
  • Added value and understanding for the use of empathy
  • Tackled difficult scenarios in a safe environment- effective managament