Area Management Development Training


Card Factory aimed to train their Area Managers on dealing with conflict that can arise when cutting hours of staff members.


  1. Trained corporate PRP role players
  2. PRP Role players thoroughly briefed before the training day
  3. PRP Role players skilled in giving constructive feedback to trainees


Professional Role Players sourced 5 corporate role players who attended our PRP+ Feedback course to attend the 2-day Card Factory Area Management Development Training. They convincingly portrayed staff members of all levels, from colleagues to Store Managers. The scenarios covered different ways in which staff members can be affected by their hours being decreased; such as personal financial issues, concern over how the stores will be run, tension between employees, feeling unmotivated, and more.


The Area Managers were able to respond to simulations in a safe environment allowing them to learn life-long abilities that they can apply to real situations. By using the feedback that PRP role players gave, they can have increased confidence in their communication skills and therefore build and sustain better relationships with their team.

The sessions were a great success and the Actors you supplied were absolutely brilliant I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

Julie Brayson, Head of Organisational Development, Card Factory